MiXED Magazine is proud to bring you Whitney Jene Harchanko

When you think of Minnesota you think of a clean midwest environment with a healthy background and great family traits. This is exactly what you get when you meet the 21 year old Minnesota bombshell model Whitney Jene Harchanko. Whitney Jene was born and raised in Minnesota and has taken her talents and strong values to the big city of Los Angelas, California to pursue a successful modeling and acting career.

Whitney Jene was noticed by a local Minnesota photographer who gave her the spring board she needed that would eventually have Whitney Jene working as a full time model and actress in famous Hollywood, California. Whitney Jene has been featured in countless magazines, tradeshow events, television shows and many other professional modeling projects. Her schedule is so busy that she often does not find time to even get a good nights rest.

Whitney Jene posses a look unlike any other model with her sky blue eyes and her flawless natural athletic body. She has an extremely elegant sense of style. She is made great friends with some of the most well respected people in the modeling industry. But aside from being the perfect model she is also a very strong women mentally and physically. Whitney Jene holds a black belt in Karate where she trains regularly and has won countless competitions. When she is not modeling you can probably find her at the gym training or kicking butt! Whitney Jene Harchanko is the all-around model individual and MiXED Magazine is honored to have her be the July 2009 MiXED Magazine Cover Model.

An Interview with Whitney Jene

Where are you from? Originaly from Minnesota, but currently living in Los Angeles, CA

What’s the best or most creative pick-up line you’ve ever heard? I don’t like pick up lines!

If you could travel to any place tomorrow where would it be? Madrid, Spain

Do you want to be in Playboy? No I do not want to be in Playboy.

How can a guy really get your attention? A guy can get my attention by being geninue, funny, honest, and sweet!

Do you think Playboy will be around in 20 years?
Yes I think Playboy will be around in 20 years.

What is your pet peeve about other women your age? They are not very motivated and spend so much time on guys and parties.

What do you think about twitter? Twitter is interesting, can be dangerous tho, if you say where you are people show up and stalk you!

How could life get better for you? How could life get better, hmmmm, when all the hard work I have put in pays off!

What kind of music do you like? I love R&B music.

How do you feel about internet dating like match.com and others alike? Internet dating sites can be helpful, I don’t know much about them!

Tattoos. Hot or played out? Tats are so played out!

What is your favorite store to shop? I don’t really know, I like shopping all over the place!

How does someone book you if they have a modeling project? Book me at whitneyjene@gmail.com

Do you have a website? Yes. It’s WhitneyJene.com

If you could go to any concert who would it be? Beyonce concert

Who do you think is the funniest comedian right now? Jamie Foxx

What is something that someone should know about you that is interesting? I am a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Karate.

Do you think Obama will do a great job for US? I hope Obama does good things for the US, but he will need to take advice from experienced advisors!

Thank you for your time and much success to you!

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