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Tara Marie is the blue-eyed blonde bombshell who plays wide receiver for the Tampa Breeze Lingerie Football Team. It was a dream day on Clearwater Beach, Florida during a circulation of incredible thunderstorms surrounding the location of the photoshoot. It seemed wherever Tara Marie stood the air stood still. Heaven is probably the best way to describe the photoshoot. Tara Marie originally from New Orleans, Louisiana came to Tampa, Florida to be the perfect team mate for the Tampa Breeze football team. The Lingerie Football League is filled with sexy women who compete nationwide to in the game of “Yes” tackle football. They take the game seriously and they practice on a regular basis. “The Tampa Breeze have some of the sexiest women out of all the teams”, says Tara Marie, with a wink. While away from the field she is winning a bikini contest or blazing the clubs with her hot friends/team mates. Her southern sweetness and colorful personality combine for a beautiful person inside and out.  

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An Interview with Tara Marie:

Where are you from? New Orleans, LA

How did you get interested in playing football for the lingerie football league? I’ve never played a sport in my life! I LOVE watching football and basketball, but never wanted to play basketball. As soon as i heard that there was a WOMEN’S football team, i fell in love with the idea and HAD to be apart of it! Especially due to the fact that we get to look sexy in lingerie while playing! PERFECT!!

How’d you get into modeling? I was approached a few times for some modeling projects and it just grew from there.

How does someone contact you to hire you for a modeling project? https://www.modelmayhem.com/taramarie18 or myspace.com/taramarie828

What do you like most about playing lingerie football? Don’t get me wrong, we look amazing playing in our cute little uniforms, but we don’t play around!!! We play full contact football! We wear pads and helmets and REALLY tackle! I love being a part of a great group of girls that support each other every single day out on that field.

Is Tampa Breeze sexier than Miami’s Lingerie Team? DuH!!! lol… I think we are the sexiest team in the league!! Although, Miami does have some hotties on their team, you can see for yourself when we play them on January 22nd in Miami.

What position do you play? I play WR and corner. We all have to play an offense and defense position.

Are you a good dancer? of course!!

Thong or Granny Panties? thong!

Sex or Shopping? both!

Tara Marie Shooting Sexy Pics on Beach


Exclusive Photos:

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