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Nadia Marcella the perfect model from Jacksonville Florida. Finding a model with a perfect natural body with a perfect face is hard to find but with Nadia she makes is very easy indeed.  Most say she looks like Julie Roberts which I must agree. MiXED Magazine was able to capture this new beautiful 20 years of age model from Jacksonville, FL named Nadia Marcella for your eyes only. After only 4 months into her modeling career she has sky rocketed into the modeling world. It doesn’t take long for someone to recognize this model prodigy. Nadia has already shot with the worlds top fashion photographers, Playboy Magazine and has won countless bikini contest. But the most amazing thing about Nadia is that she is extremely intelligent with a dynamic personality which gives her a certain sex appeal that is above and beyond most women. Nadia believes following your passion is a must. She takes things as they come and seizes opportunities. Her riguorous training schedule keeps her in tip-top shape. Hanging out with Nadia is like watching the shuttle launch. It’s exciting, promising and magical. She will leave you standing speechless so check out her picts and stay tuned for the Nadia Mania!


Mixed Magazine was there for the 2009 iPorn Hottest Body Bikini Contest in Hollywood, FL at the Westin Diplomat to watch Mixed Magazine’s August 2009 Bonus Girl Nadia Marcella take the crown winning $1000 cash and an $8000 contract with iPorn. Nadia Marcella is also a Playboy Model. She beat out 22 girls in the competition. Also attended was Janessa Brazil and Sunny Leone.


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Nadia Marcella winning another bikini contest

Nadia Marcella winning another bikini contest.

An interview with Nadia Marcella:

Where are you from? Born in Dallas TX live in Jax FL

What is your nationality?
Italian, Dutch, and French


What’s the best or most creative pick-up line you’ve ever heard?
Will you be my girlfriend for 6 days?

If you could travel to any place tomorrow where would it be?
The Carribean

What is the most exciting thing about modeling?
Seeing your pictures published

Who have you modeled for already?
Ive modeled for Playboy, Girls Girls Girls Magazine, Richard Warren, Kaz Chiba, TrancePhoto, Fashion TV!, D.R. Fashion week, Andres Aquino, Gen Nishino, Brent Allen, Image1st , and now Mixed Magazine!

Are you a dominant of submissive person?
A little bit of both

How can a guy really get your attention? Surprising me with something ive never seen

Do you ever get nervous during a bikini contest? When I won the iporn contest in Miami it was overwhelming because there were hundreds of people and over 30 girls. I was a bit shocked when I when and you can see this in the video.

What is your least favorite thing? mornings!!! ugh

Who is your role model? Myself 😉

Do you think Playboy will be around in 20 years? Definitely

What is your pet peeve about other women your age?
They are bored with themselves and surround themselves with Drama!

How could life get better for you? By becoming Famous!

What type of music do you like the most? Electronic and Techno.

What career would you choose if you were not modeling?
Acting or Singing…. i love the entertainment industry


What is your greatest talent other than modeling?

Nadia Marcella 2009 iPorn Bikini Contest WINNER!

2009 iPorn Bikini Contest WINNER!

If you could go to any concert who would it be?
Micheal Jackson…. RIP!

Who do you think is the funniest comedian right now?
Jo Koy

What is something that someone should know about you that is interesting?
I have a very high IQ

Who do people say you look like? Julia Roberts and Rachel from “GLEE”.

What did you like most about being in Playboy? Traveling and shooting with top notch photographers.

What do you like most about working with Mixed Magazine? The exposure has been awesome and getting free photos doesn’t hurt either.

What sports do you play?
basketball and volleyball

How does someone book you if they have a modeling project?
Contact me at just send me a message !!!

Thank you for your time and much success to you!

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