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Congratulations to Gianna DeNinno of Denver, Colorado for winning Mixed Magazine’s Booty of Year 2010! This newcomer came out of the wood works at the last voting month of the year and ran away with the win and $2500 CA$H. Gianna is one of the newest urban models on the scene is already turning heads with such names as Waka Flocka Flame, Show Magazine, reality shows, and to name a few. This is the second successful year of the best booty competition and it was a tough decision once again. A lot of factors go into evaluating who has the best backside, tail, booty, bum, rump, derrière, ass, etc. Voting is done by online viewer voting, magazine editor/photographer evaluation, ass mass, texture, tan, reality and most importantly how well the girl can work it! Gianna DeNinno scored perfect 10’s in every category. She takes great pride in her butt and makes sure she works it out every day at the gym. The fact that she is Lebanese gives her the perfect even tan everywhere. She has a love for hip hop and crunk music and loves to dance using her butt as the center of attention. Her muscular legs and perfect head to toe body causes guys to do the craziest things no matter where she goes or who she is with. She already has a top notch website where you can see sexy photos and videos of her working it behind the scenes in her VIP section. Make sure you join the Very Important People section of our website where you can see exclusive booty from Gianna DeNinno.

Gianna DeNinno Posing In Black Lingerie on Miami Beach

An interview with Gianna DeNinno:

Are you happy you won the competition? I am very happy! lol

Have you always had the perfect butt? Yes, ever since I was in grade school people would comment on it. It comes in “handy” almost daily. But I went to a very preppy school, the boys weren’t fond of it there! …Now those same guys try to hit me up on Facebook daily! lol

What do you normally sleep in? Always something sexy! I love being a woman

Where did you get it from? Honestly I have no idea, my mom always asks that!? Lol  Well I eat a lot, but I guess I’m blessed to have it all store in my backside!

gianna deninno video black thong

What are your thoughts about the new fake booty craze? I actually think it looks good! Love you Ms. Minaj! Lol  But right now I don’t think I’m in need.

Do you wear heels alot? I wear heels everywhere! Lol To the store, shooting range, bowling, you name it! …sometimes even in the shower! 😉 haha, just kidding—maybe!

What is your favorite music to booty shake to? I love my Waka Flocka and Gucci’s beats and voice is amazing!

gianna deninno bending over with gstring photo

What’s the craziest thing that your butt has caused a guy to do? Haha, I get a lot of females who come up and bite and grab it!  Yes bite it!! Lol Guys usually “holla” to IT or smack it as I walk by! lol

Do you mind if it gets slapped? I think regardless of what I mind it’s still going to happen, it seems to be one of those “just happens” things! lol

Do you like doggy style? After looking at my booty, what would you think?!! 😉

Thanks for the booty time Gianna and we wish you and your booty best of luck in the future! – Mixed Magazine

gianna deninno video on bed doing splits

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