When this bayou babe Laura Moro showed up to Cocoa Beach she was pinging off the wall with joy because she had never been to the beach. As soon as she hit the beach she wanted to go skinny dipping and she did. When that perfect booty fell out of those jeans it was then when I knew her content was going to be a show stopper. Now I know every model these days works very hard to get a big booty whether it’s by injection or just plain old cheese burgers but this little white girl named Laura Moro showed up to the scene and trumped almost every booty out there. She has a skinny little frame but then all of the sudden there sits one of the most perfect booties ever, topped off with the perfect dimples. But don’t you worry because it was only days until somebody got her pregnant with twins so get all your looking in now because her modeling days are over.  Click here to join now!

laura moro exclusive beach thong video mixed magazine


laura moro mixed magazine beach photoshoot

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