Jezebel is the Panamian beauty with the perfect busty tan body. Her skimpy slingshot bathing suit really makes her tan curvy body pop! Jezebel is a fresh face model from Miami and this was her first sexy photoshoot. She loved every second of it. She lives in Miami and works at various clubs where she is able to stay sexy. If you are looking to book a curvy and fun model then Jezebel is your girl! 

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Vital Stats:

Age: 23
Location: Miami Beach
Nationality: Panamanian
Height: 5’7
Weight: 150
Eyes: Brown
Measurements: 36DD-26-42
Hobbies: Working out
Social Networks:  INSTAGRAM


An Interview with Jezebel:

Where were you born, and how was life growing up? Panama. The culture is more social than America which makes it very fun.

How did you get your start in modeling? When I lived in Panama I did some runway modeling and a few bikini contests.

Have you ever kissed a girl? Yes hasn’t everyone?

What has been your most memorable experience as a model? When I was young someone in the industry told me that I needed to do hip shaping which I found offensive.

What would the average person say about you? I’m friendly and sweet

What’s your biggest turn on? Well dressed and scent

What do guys compliment you most on? my color skin and body


What do you normally sleep in? bra and panties

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? Paris

We know you’re a model and all, but you must have a favorite food. What is it? Italian

What are your dreams and goals? Successful model

Would you prefer a guy to pursue you, or do you like to be the aggressor? I like to be pursued

First Job: Waitress

How does someone contact you for a modeling project?

What is the largest gift offered to go out on a date with you? $5k

Would you date a guy that you met on social network? yes

Do you have a passport? Yes

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