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George Hoffman was the pioneer photographer who passed away in 2010 due to a tragic suicide that struck the modeling industry like a left hook. George was the Fort Lauderdale based photographer who helped kick start the craze of models posting very hot and sexy photos on Myspace back in 2005. He took the industry by storm with his extremely professional approach to working with models and his untouchable photography style. His style was filled with amazing color, contrast and quality. George was a partner with Mixed Magazine. I can remember when someone asked him how he kept so cool around all the fine ladies, he just sat there with a baffled look and didn’t even understand the question. The fact of the matter was is that it never even crossed his mind to get fresh with a model or overstep his boundaries. His professionalism and integrity was perfect to a T. So if you ever wonder what his secret was, well there you go.

Within just a years time George had over 38 thousand friends on myspace and was booked 6 months out. He had models begging to shoot. They were flying in from all over the world and his day rate climbed to $2500 per day. There were other photographers but nobody was capturing the kind of images George was. He worked out of a 500 square foot old home in Fort Lauderdale but by looking at his images one would have thought he lived in a mansion and drove a Ferrari. George was one of the nicest guys and had no problem sharing techniques with other photographers. His work inspired so many people from models, photographers and anyone who loved awesome images. Over the years there have been countless photographers that have tried to mimmick his work but they never realize it’s what is inside the person that creates the images that we see. He had no ego and no drama which just came natural to him. He was completely self taught. He had studied many forms of art from drawing, painting and photographer flowers until he mastered color. As soon as he wrapped all his studies into glamour modeling it all came together. He understood workmanship and respected art to the fullest.

George had the pleasure and privilege of working with some of the most talented models in the industry. He also photographed celebrities including pro tennis player Venus Williams, actress Cherie Johnson, Kaki West, and Pitbull.

My last conversation with him I can remember how he was somewhat confused as to why he had not shot with Kim Kardashian and other more famous people. If he was still here today I’m positive that he would have met those goals and even surpassed them.

Thanks George for everything you did for the world with your work and may you rest in peace. Your work will never be forgotten and  is still the best even years later!

Take a look at some of his work below and also visit his web links.

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