Before you get into wondering why about various questions that you may have please keep something in mind about Mixed Magazine. This website is run by ONE person who is MYSELF. I do all of the website development, photography, editing, videos, customer service, etc. Many customers believe Mixed Magazine is some big operation with tons of people working because of how vastly awesome it is but yes it’s just Me, Myself and I. Ok now ask away… oh yeah and by the way, if you contact me with an attitude then you won’t get any service and depending on how I feel that day you just might get banned for life so you better be polite. Thank you!

Q. I just payed for a membership but can not gain access?

A. After you signup with CCbill you are supposed to receive and email with instructions and a registration link. If you do not receive the email then please email info@mixedmag.com and we will send you the registration link. Sometimes customers are not getting the ccbill email for whatever reason but don’t worry. We got your back on this!

Q. Are the models nude?

A. All nudity will be removed by March 1, 2017 and will be available on another website that will be advertised on our website.

Q. How do I cancel my account?

A. Contact CCBill.com

Q. Videos won’t play?

A. Our videos have been thoroughly tested and play beautifully on all desktop and mobile platforms. If you have problems please check all of your updates and make sure everything is working perfectly on you end. We have found that google chrome is the best viewing browser.

Q. Why can’t I download videos?

A. Very simple. Because our stuff is so damn awesome that everybody steals our videos so they can load them illegally on the web. And why would we allow downloading when we are a subscription based website. If you download all our videos then why would you need a monthly subscription? It just doesn’t make cents to us. If you are comparing us to bangbros then you are not comparing apples with oranges. 

Q. I can’t login?

A. Email info@mixedmag.com with everything you are experiencing. Send your login credentials, what url you are trying to access from and screenshot of the problem.

Q. How do I retrieve my login details that I somehow lost?

A. Click the forgot password under the login fields.

Q. What is the best browser to view Mixed Magazine on?

A. Chrome or Firefox

Q. Where are the exclusive images and video?

A. All of the exclusive content are under each blog/post.

Q. I just purchased a membership but I can’t see a particular model?

A. This can easily happen if you are trying to view nudity. All nudity content is protected under the pay-per-post section only. This was a move we made because of the piracy epidemic. Customers would get one membership and steal and resell our content causing us to loose.  

Q. Why is Claudia Sampedro not nude in the members area?

A. This is the biggest question to us and the answer is simple. She did not shoot nude for Mixed Magazine. 

Q. Why are some girls nude and some are not?

A. This is another very simple answer. Some models shoot in the nude and some do not. Please do not insinuate that you have been misled to believe certain models are nude because we do not do that. We do not provide any verbiage that states “EVERY SINGLE MODEL IS NUDE INSIDE”. If you are really concerned about what models are nude then click the “nude” dropdown link under the “Models” link in the nav bar.  Our advice is to enjoy the non-nude content because it’s truly equally incredible as the nude models.

Q. Why do I see some girls photos wearing certain outfits but I don’t see her set inside the members area?

A. We can’t remember where the rules are not to use our images for marketing purposes. We have the right to use any piece of content for any use that we would like. Please do not insinuate.

Q. Can I purchase just a single model?

A. Yes! We now offer PAY-PER-POST which allows you to purchase just one or as many models sets as you want. With this you do not need to purchase an ALL ACCESS PASS. You must be registered as a FREE Member to be able to purchase PAY-PER-POST. You can get to the PAY-PER-POST content by going here which can also be found under the MODELS link in the nav bar. 

Q. Are you ever going to release the content that I saw somewhere on your site?

A. Of course. We never have a specific date but they are all in the que to be released. The best thing to do is keep a monthly membership plan.