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It’s fresh face time! Check out the hour glass shaped 20 year old Colombian Estefania Nino. Estefania is new to the modeling world but has been quickly recognized by the Miami scene. She has hosted clubs such as Club Play and Kitchen 305. She has been in several music videos as the lead model with artists such as Red Cafe, Omarion, Ray J and more. She has also been featured in Miami’s hottest magazine. People clearly love a curvy young latin model and it shows with her instant success. Mixed Magazine was lucky enough to catch her for a quick photoshoot on the beach where she displayed her sexy curves.

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An interview with Estefania:

Where were you born, and how was life growing up? I was born in Colombia, but moved to the USA later on so growing up in a different country was a great experience.

What nationality are you?
Im Colombiana

Do you go to college? Yes

What would the average person say about you? That im sweet, very out going! and easy to get along with.

Are you a good dancer?
so.. soo…

Do you like the nerdy type, UFC fighter guy or the regular joe? regular guy

Do you have any secret weaknesses or guilty pleasures? my guilty pleasures would have to be being massaged alot by that certain person ,]

What’s your biggest turn on? ohh i LOVE tattoos!

What’s one thing about yourself that everyone should know? im not a complicated person

What do guys compliment you most on? my butt and legs

Do you consider yourself more of a “giver” or a “taker”? a taker but i do give a lot to my close ones.

If you could have any car you wanted, what would it be? a Bentley

Do you have any hidden talents?
not any i dont know of yet

What do you like best about being a model? i like how you get to travel around, me new people, and experience new things.

What would you consider your strongest attribute?
my strongest attribute would have to be my personality and of course my body!

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and who would you take with you? i would go to Paris and i would take my sister or my special one

What is your favorite food?
Alfredo pasta

What do you do for fun?
i just chill with my friends or go out!!!

What are your dreams and goals?
i want to be a well known designer and have my own clothing line

How did you get your start in modeling?
i always since little loved being in front of the camera and posing, so when i was old enough to model i started doing it and took a shot at it.

Do you have a Facebook Fan Page?

Do you have a Twitter? @MIZZESTEFANIA

What do you use more facebook or twitter? DEF twitter more now

Do you have a website?
not yet coming soon! :]

Favorite Comedian: not any

First Job: ughh Mcdonalds

How does someone contact you for a modeling project?

estafania nino spanish model small waist big asss

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