DNika Romero on the Cover of Mixed Magazine

It’s Official! D’Nika Romero is the winner of the Miss 2009 Mixed Magazine Best Butt Contest! D’Nika is from the great state of Texas. Lubbock, Texas to be exact where she grew up as a basketball and excelled her way all the way to Texas A&M’s Girls Basketball Team. She was the three point shooter that never missed. Now she is a full time model butt from the looks of it I think she may have stole two balls and stuffed them in her butt. LOL! She is of Spanish descent. Romero first received attention from the media for her modeling work when she won the Black Men’s Swimsuit Contest in Houston, Texas and had a spread in Black Men’s Magazine. She has also been in several issues of Playboy Special Editions. She is currently continuing with her modeling and is an aspiring actress. Congratulations to D’Nika for showing us that she really does have the best butt in the world!


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