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Meet Playboy’s 50th Anniversary Playmate DJ Colleen Shannon! Long before she set heads spinning with her voluptuous figure and stunning good looks, Colleen Shannon was spinning turntables as she nurtured her long-standing passion for mixing music. Colleen now carries two impressive titles to match her beauty and her talent: Playboy’s 50th Anniversary Playmate and The World’s Sexiest DJ. The success and notoriety from both has brought her national and international magazine covers and features, roles in film and television, major print modeling campaigns, globally distributed posters and calendars, and the opportunity to DJ for some of the world’s biggest superclubs, venues and events.

Since being named Playboy’s 50th Anniversary Playmate in January 2004, her work with Playboy has not only continued, it has expanded. Colleen now hosts her own weekly radio show, Playmate Club, on Sirius XM 99 (the Playboy channel), where she talks sex, celebrity and spinning tunes with world-renowned DJs, musicians, actors and others. In 2009 Colleen DJed “Game Day at the Playboy Mansion,” a Super Bowl celebration starring Bret Michaels of Poison. In 2008 she graced the cover of Playboy Mexico. And following the release of Playboy’s 50th Anniversary issue in 2004, Playboy not only released a sexy stand alone of Colleen, but also produced an International Special Edition of that issue and sent Colleen on an international promotional tour.

Her World’s Sexiest DJ crown has also brought Colleen tremendous media attention and high profile DJ gigs across the country and around the world. She has become the industry’s leading female celebrity DJ, and has mixed music in Sweden, Norway, South Africa, Hong Kong, Korea and Canada, and in such cities as London, Paris, Las Vegas, Miami and New York City. Already, 2010 has already seen the release of two DJ mixed albums from her: DJ Colleen Shannon, Red Hot 2010 (Sony Music), featuring tunes from such artists as Black Eyed Peas, Pitbull, Shakira and Kelly Clarkson, and DJ Colleen Shannon, World’s Sexiest DJ, Presents Too Hot for TV (Next Music), celebrating the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. She also hosted the DMC Scratch and Mix Contest at the Winter Music Conference in Miami, and has worked on two soon-to-be-released DJ documentaries: Party Rocka and World’s Greatest DJs.

dj colleen shannon mixed magazine

Colleen’s DJ work has kept her continuously on the international tour circuit since 2004. She is currently represented by The Windish Agency in the U.S., Spin Artist in Canada, and Formula 13 in the U.K. Visit her at

She currently does a Sirius radio show for Playboy. Find out schedule here.

An interview with DJ Colleen Shannon:

What’s involved in being selected as Playboy’s 50th Anniversary Edition Playmate? Well, I was selected out of 30,000 girls who were up for consideration.  I think what made me stand out though was that I had a career as a DJ, which was unconventional and that made me different from all the other girls.  Thematically, I fit in with the direction the magazine is headed today.

What is one of your favorite places to play? I love playing at the Playboy Mansion but I have to say I have a blast at all the places I play at

You live a pretty jet-set life having toured the world as a DJ.  Just browsing the Tour Section of your website I see that you’ve been through most of Europe, The Caribbean, Hong Kong, Turkey and as far away as South Africa.  Do you find yourself consistently adjusting your sound to the audience you’re playing for? Oh yes.  For example, when I visited Turkey recently I was handed a list of songs to play which were popular at that moment and with Canada recently hosting the Winter Olympics, I had to create a moment specific to Canadians.  More importantly though, as a DJ I want to influence the audience with my sound rather than just cater to them.  Part of DJing is educating the audience.

What got you into being a DJ? I have a passion for music and I believe people should do what they love. After being in Playboy it pretty much opened me up to do what I wanted to do

I have many friends who are DJs and it is always fun hearing their stories afterward about what went wrong and right.  Tell me about your most nightmarish DJing experience ever. I don’t usually like to play in Los Angeles so much anymore.  Usually when I’m home, I like to just chill.  One of my friends, who is a DMC champion, invited me out to do a one-off gig and it happened that on the same night, Dr. Dre was doing a Launch Party for his new club down the road, throwing a wrench in our plans.  After a technical glitch had occurred, there was nothing but dead air for a while and that was just awful, but things like this are bound to happen in DJing.

What is your favorite artist? Kanye West is one of my favorites

What kind of guys do you like? A guy who is caring and artistic

What can we expect next from you, Colleen? I’m focusing on Branding and Merchandising.  I am working together with Sicmats, to design my own line of Slip Mats for Turntables.  I am also working together with one of the animators of Disney/Pixar’s Wall-E to design my own animated DJ Girl, who has an electrical contraption on her arm which enables her to Mix.  Above this, I’m working with a team to pitch a Reality Show about the world of DJing, possibly to MTV, among other networks.  But most of all, I hope to continue evolving as an artist musically and perhaps delve even further into production.

What is the biggest crowd you have deejayed for? In Canada at The Government. It was 5k people.

What is your favorite mixing program for live DJing? Serato Scratch Live

dj colleen shannon mixed magazine


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