It’s Booty Time!

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It’s Booty Time!

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Laura Moro wears silver thong

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When this bayou babe Laura Moro showed up to Cocoa Beach she was pinging off the wall with joy because she had never been to the beach. As soon as she hit the beach she wanted to go skinny dipping and she did. Whe...

Jessica Kylie makes the 100th Cover!

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If you're going to do something, you might as well be the best. That's exactly how veteran model Jessica Kylie has treated her modeling career. It is now Mixed Magazine's 5 Year Anniversary and 100th Cover Issue ...

Eriana Blanco – Simply Sexy

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Eriana Blanco is the ultra curvy beautiful Latin bikini model from Miami, Florida. What guy doesn't love a woman with an hour glass shaped body? Eriana has one of the sexiest and most extreme body shapes we have ...

Claudia Sampedro – Crème de la Crème

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The name is Claudia Sampedro! There is definitely something in the water in Miami. This bikini/lingerie model is no joke. Her body is so smoking hot that I had to take her to a nudist colony so that regular peopl...

Jessica Barton : Professional Model

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For several years Jessica Barton has graced the covers of tons of magazines, car shows, bikini contest and television and now comes to Mixed Magazine to shed her beauty by wearing some of the hottest bikinis scene...

Alyssa Sorto hits the Beach

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[user_account_is#free|#Guest] [/user_account_is] When Alyssa Sorto hits the beach it seems like the mood on the beach is in slow motion. Her body is so incredibly curvy that every photo seems to be the best...

Stephanie Acevedo One Piece Perfection

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[user_account_is#free|#Guest] [/user_account_is] Stephanie Acevedo has one of the hottest social network game because of her attention to detail. She makes sure every single selfie shot is done with precision...

Marisa Nero – All Woman

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Meet the Canadian model Marisa Nero. Canada always delivers some of the finest models on earth the proof just keeps coming in with this voluptuous model who won Miss Bikini Canada recently. Marisa is all woman wit...

Tiffany Rosenfield

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Courtney Leigh – The Bad AZZ Bombshell!

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Courtney Leigh is the unique busty model from Orlando, Florida. Courtney clearly gets massive attention from her voluptuous curves and piercing baby blue eyes. She currently works as a VIP bottle service girl at ...

Stephanie Rao – Business Only

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Stephanie Rao is the focused model from Miami, Florida that does not take no for an answer. She has been modeling for a few years now and has turned everyone's heads because she simply demands attention. She has b...

Lisandra Perez is Kryptonite

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Check out this new model Lisandra Perez from Miami, Florida. She comes to us by Seven Talent Agency who specializes in booking the hottest models from LA, NYC and Miami. Lisandra gets the cover because her body i...

Porsche Foxx – Beauty Personified

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Porsche Foxx is the beautiful model from Dallas, Texas. Her captivating looks already have the modeling world buzzing. Already in just one year she has already been featured in major music videos and national mag...

Lissa Aires – London Booty Princess

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Say Hello to the London Booty Princess Lissa Aires! Some girls are shy and are afraid of what society may say about sexy modeling but Lissa is too strong to listen to the haters. Lissa knows who she is and knows ...

Liz Lugo – A Dream Come True

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Liz Lugo is the Dream Come True. Over 500 images were taken of this Miami bombshell and over 500 images came out perfect. This 20 year old cuban model from Miami and is driving everyone crazy with her incredibly ...

Sky Marlene Wearing White Thong

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[user_account_is#free|#Guest] [/user_account_is] Sky Marlene is the Italian exotic dancer from the Bronx, New York. Her thick tan body has people buzzing. She is particular on who she shoots with but for Mix...

Sahara Santos gets lead role in Trey Songs new Foreign video

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Mixed Magazine Model Sahara Santos gets picked and flown from London to Los Angeles by Trey Songs to be one of the lead models in his new video "Foreign". Click here to see more of Sahara Santos! Screenshots:

Kristina Crank – Puerto Rico!

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Kristina Crank! 100% Puerto Rican model from Destin, Florida. This voluptuous woman is well known in the panhandle of Florida mainly for her beauty but also for being a sweetheart. We always love to feature model...

Jasmin Cadavid – Fit and Fine

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You are probably asking yourself the question, "How does Mixed Magazine continue to find perfect bombshells week after week?" and to be truthful we don't know either. As you can see Jasmin Cadavid keeps the exper...

Amanda Olson : Irresistible Redhead

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It's Amanda Olson's world and everyone is just living in it. This is absolutely the feeling you get when you hang out with this extremely intelligent petite red-head model from St. Louis, Missouri. She is all pers...

Sky Marlene is NYC Sexy

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Sky Marlene finally shoots for Mixed Magazine! It's been over a year of trying to catch up with this Bronx booty babe and we decided to fly to Manhattan to make your dreams come true. Sky Marlene has the booty that...

Jessica Kylie in Surf City USA

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[user_account_is#free|#Guest] [/user_account_is] Jessica Kylie's crazy curves were born for a bikini. When she came to Florida for her photoshoot she wanted to go surfing so we used a radical surfboard. The pho...

Jai – Hot Ink

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Jai is the ultra sexy glamour model that lives in sunny Miami, Florida. Modeling comes very easy to Jai because moving her body into sexy poses comes very natural to her. She is a photographers dream come true. I...

GiGi La Modela – School Girl

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GiGi La Modela is the sexy New Jersey Latina model with the perfect booty that spends most of her time behind her books studying to be a fashion designer. She is so busy that we had to hit the Jersey turnpike to ...

Kimmy Maxx – Turn up the volume!

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Meet Kimmy Maxx! If you ever wanted to see a girl before they blew up just check out Kimmy MAXX. It's very easy to tell that this new 20 year old 5'7" model from Boca Raton has everything it takes to be next b...

Maria Espinoza – One Year Anniversary Cover Model

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Maria Espinoza is the 2010 One Year Anniversary Cover Model for Mixed Magazine. She is the ONE you dream about, the ONE love songs are written for, the ONE who everyone jaw drops for, the ONE the who makes you st...

Jazmine R – A Naked Babe

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We got a winner! Check out this Orlando bombshell named Jazmine. She is a fresh face to the modeling world but she is clearly well overdue. I guess you never know when heaven is ready to drop perfect 10's out of ...

Mandy Leon Purple Shower

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[user_account_is#free|#Guest] [/user_account_is] Mandy Leon is now the sexy amateur wrestler from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. She knew early on that she was different. Her beauty is unlike anything they have see...

Natasha Jolie – Persian Beauty

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Meet the sexy and petite model from Orlando, Florida, Natasha Jolie. A newcomer to the modeling world which is always great to see. She has been away from the camera mainly because she has been behind the books a...

Brianna Avila Flaunts Purple Bikini

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Brianna Avila comes to you from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She is mixed Venezuelan and Colombian and has one of the sexiest booty tan lines ever. She is new to modeling and is very excited to become a featured mod...

Laura Moro Gets Bubbly

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Laura Moro only knows how to be sexy from when she wakes up til she goes to bed. She wanted to stop by to shoot in her sexy mini blue bikini and the pink jacuzzi shower. We broke out the bubbles so she could play ...

Gia Simone

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Gia Simone is that all around model that you just can't help but to notice. Her exotic look and her perfect body makes her one of Miami's foxiest babes. This African American model grew up in Chicago which is whe...

Alyssa Blue – Fitness Chick

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Alyssa Blue is the sexy fitness model from Las Vegas, Nevada. When Mixed Magazine was in Miami we were lucky enough to run into Alyssa while she was doing other photoshoots and paying a visit to her home town. He...

Sarai Lezcano – All Natural Beauty

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Meet the super beautiful Colombian and Cuban all natural model Sarai Lezcano from Tampa, Florida. This is probably one of the most perfect marriage material models of all time. She is one calm, cool and collected...

Kayte McKenzie : The Full Package

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The holiday season is finally here and it's only right for you to get the very best present possible from your truly - Mixed Magazine. Meet your christmas gift, Kayte McKenzie. A black haired - blue eyed, tall and...

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